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Internet Explorer - Issues to Reply and Navigate a User Session and Tickets
Posted by Patrick Barrett on 14 October 2020 10:47

To all users of the Support Centre

Due to recent changes in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) we are seeing issues on the user pages, notably replying to a ticket and some page navigation functions. 

Solution: Do not use Internet Explorer -> Use other compatible browsers such as Chrome / Edge / Firefox.

Please note that Microsoft official support for IE will end in 2021, it is probably already worthwhile getting used to using alternate and modern

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For Agilent Employees, Authorised Partners and Distributors Only
Posted by Patrick Barrett on 28 October 2015 17:39

Instructions on how to obtain access to the support centre

Access to our support is by user name and password. the user name will always be your email account.

We accept email accounts from the following:

Agilent employees Your email account
International distributors An email account from your company domain
Authorised Support Partners The email account registered with your Agilent manager

We will also ask that you identify your Agilent appointed manager in case we

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